#JoyOFSeeing sets an example on social media marketing for SMBs

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#JoyOFSeeing sets an example on social media marketing for SMBs


R Kumar Opticians




Bonooz conducted a digital campaign, supported by social media for a brand of opticians in Ahmedabad called R Kumar Opticians to promote their brand idea of ‘Joy of Seeing.’


The primary aim of this campaign was to generate visibility so as to convincingly engage with the audience during the festival of Makar Sankranti, which also happens to be the peak season for opticians in Ahmedabad.

Their goal was to get more shares on the creatives shared on their social media handles thus increasing engagement while promoting their recent range of sunglasses.

'It's not personal, it's #Uttarayan'?- The Godfather. #EyesOnUttarayan #Uttrayan2016 #showcaseuttarayan

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The agency produced an interactive micro-site for New Year ’s Eve allowing users to craft personalized greetings to share with their friends and folks. Additionally, for the image bank on the site, they initiated a contest on Instagram, where followers of the brand were encouraged to share photos by using #JoyOfSeeing. This was followed by posts with the motive to promote their range of sunglasses for the season. Currently, the campaign is in its fourth phase, where the agency is posting creatives around Uttarayan to gain more shares.

Too much of EDM on #Uttarayan can cause #Sunburn #EyesOnUttarayan #Uttarayan2016

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According to the agency, this campaign boosted followers by 50% on the brand’s Instagram handle. Apart from that, over 100 users created greetings for their loved ones.

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