If you use Facebook only for socializing, think again....

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If you use Facebook only for socializing, think again....
Facebook started off as a socialising platform, it eventually took turn to evolve into a marketing tool, and then a content dissemination tool. While Zuckerberg’s brainchild went from being a toddler to an adolescent, the platform’s strength of being a person oriented mouthpiece remained intact.

More and more professional now have parallel Facebook accounts, one for personal use and one to add and build relations with professionals of the same field. This gained further prominence when freelancing progressed into a preferred form of professional life.

LinkedIn might be the alpha in networking, but Facebook makes an interesting wingman to help you score. Apply these tips now, and up your networking game.

Position yourself through content

Content marketing isn’t limited only to brands. What you share, post, comment on, and like defines you. If you have a dedicated professional account, decide what you want to be known for. Try and centre the content you put up on your profile around that topic and industry. Create conversations on it and be open to criticism.

If you don’t have separate accounts, restrict your professional connections. Sharing personal content wouldn’t really be the apt way.

Keep in mind the difference between Facebook and LinkedIn

Facebook is a socialising platform at heart – out and out networking wouldn’t be advisable here. If conversing with a business lead, keep the tone and feel casual. Don’t directly start with work conversations; warm up a little and eventually ask them when would be a good time to discuss work.

Create lists

Facebook is also a great platform to keep up with what your professional peers are up to or what the competition websites are posting. Create a list and add all the accounts you need to follow to it. All you then need to do is follow that list for professional updates without any disturbance from casual content.

Keep professional details up to date

The first profile to update post a professional achievement is LinkedIn; second would definitely be Facebook. With colleagues and competitors following closely, professional updates are very important on Facebook. Keep writing about your projects. Give your friends a sneak peek or behind the scenes of a particular event or professional happening.

Rely on groups and communities

Groups and communities make the perfect platform to come up with collective solutions for problems faced by fellow professionals. It could give you job leads or come up with new strategies. Also, one of the best places to keep up with industry trends!

Being a successful professional needs an individual to be platform agnostic. This could imply socialising on LinkedIn, or networking on Facebook. Master Facebook for your personal growth with our Facebook marketing workshop. The one day event can change your approach towards Facebook marketing.

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