#HelpFindDipti, a good deed with a great cause

Every flip of the newspaper introduces us to a fresh felony, but the recent abduction incidence of Dipti Sarna (Snapdeal Employee) in the capital became the talk of the town, both virtual and real. The goodness and impact of social media stood vindicated contributing to ensure the safety of the victim.

Unfolding the case

Dipti Sarna, a 23 year old employee of Snapdeal went missing since the night of Wednesday while returning home from work.

On evening of the occurrence, she was on the call with her friend and began to yell after realizing that the auto driver had taken the wrong route. As soon as her friend informed it to her folks, she was unreachable as her family and police tried to trace her.

Finally, Friday morning the kidnapped victim returned to her residence safely.

Social media’s support for Sarna

Yet again social media turned out to be the savior of the day and did what it does the best, amplified the voice for the victim.  Snapdeal holding strong concern for the safety of its employees, gripped on to social media to get some support for Sarna. The online shopping brand initiated a hashtag on Twitter titled #HelpFindDipti to garner public support and instigate a man hunt for their employee. The kind gesture from the brand was perceived in the right spirit and the hashtag caught up really quickly; spreading like wild fire social media denizens and influencers amplified the call for help contributing their bit to find the missing victim.

Snapdeal, beyond just a brand  

Social media did provide a platform to garner support towards the victim, the noble efforts from the brand deserve a word of appreciation. The Case entails the efficient utilization of Snapdeal’s social media communities to spread the word about this incidence and mobilize support for operations to rescue the victim. Whether the efforts lead to the rescue of the victim or not is still questionable and social media may not take the complete credit for the safe and sound return of the victim. Most of the brands on social media hit out on core objectives of reaching to their audiences, creating engagement or driving new leads for business but this tale exemplifies the real essence of Corporate Social Responsibility on social media. Snapdeal came out as a responsible and sincere brand using their social capital to make a difference. A learning which can be materialized for the greater good. The initiative also triggered appreciation from competitive brands.


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