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#SamosaChat on social selling
Breezing around the town, Social Selling is the new buzzword that has captured the frame. Breaking it down, it literally means ‘Selling through social media’ as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and more of these forums have become the selling tools.

With people (almost) breathing social media  these days, the future that beholds in this space matters to all of us.

Social Samosa takes up the responsibility to shed some light on this phenomenon allowing the industry to come under one roof of Twitter through #SamosaChat boosting exchange of ideas.

#SamosaChat on Social Selling will be scheduled for this Friday, February 12 on Twitter at 3PM to 4PM.

The chat intends at conversing about the tomorrow and today of this field, hurdles in this medium, the distinction between social selling and social media marketing, along with that the difference in nature of tradition selling versus the virtual selling and more.

To clear the smoke off this topic, we have our expert panelists Apurva Chamaria (Head of Global Brand and Digital Marketing, HCL Tech) and Gaurav Kakkar (Digital Marketing Head and Deputy General Manager, HCL Tech) These visionaries have also co-authored a book on Social Selling

Samosa Chat - Social Selling

To understand and leverage this new age phenomenon, join us for #SamosaChat @Social_Samosa Let's engage and enlighten one another within 140 characters.

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