Snapchat will let its users subscribe to their favorite ‘Discover’ channel


The elevating competition has pushed social media channels to constantly keep evolving to get a grip onto their users. With this trend of updating, Snapchat recently announced that it will now allow users to pick their desired content within the app.

The Discover channel of Snapchat might go under some renovation allowing users to subscribe to specific content. The discover page currently involves channels like Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan, People, National Geographic, Taste made and many more.

With this update, users don’t have to seek to the discover page, instead, will directly receive content from the source within the application as a notification to its 100 million user base.

Snapchat’s update is seeking to drive further engagement and crowd within the application itself. The update is most likely to go live in May, but there is a possibility for Snapchat to shift the time frame according to the development process

The disappearing messaging app has found a soft corner in the majority of youth’s cell phone, this app is further enabling users to get notified for their favorite content, which currently the discover page does not provide. The update earmarks the importance of user experience for these apps, social networking giants Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have also made significant changes to their timelines in order to enhance user experience over time.

Whether this update will add up to the stickiness of this app or it will open new avenues for Brand Channels to connect with snap chatters only time will tell. Till then let’s wait and watch how the active users and brands plan on leveraging this Snapchat update.


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