For Media Planners in Bengaluru, we bring #SSMeetup in your city

Social Samosa
Feb 16, 2016 10:17 IST
Since inception, Social Samosa has been striving to bring the industry to a common ground. #SSMeetup is one such consortium of folks from the social media industry.

In the past we have had two rounds of meetups in Bangalore, the last meetup witnessed a turn out of 350+ Social Media Professionals. The stakes are higher this year since it's an invite only event with limited capacity.

The theme for #SSMeetup this year is to celebrate the rise and success of Digital Media Planning. The year 2015 marks the surge in social media advertising spends across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Influencer Marketing and so on.

While the Brands out there have huge pockets to spend on Digital, the onus of making the most out of every penny lies on the shoulders of Digital Media Planners. Media Planners are the heroes behind the curtains, Social Samosa intends to raise a toast to these Digital Rockstars.

We can go on and on praising these wizards but you need to hurry up before we declare house-full and you miss an evening to meet social media enthusiasts with Social Samosa team in an informal setting over good food and drinks. Head to the registration form right away.

Venue: News Cafe, Indira Nagar

Date & Time: February 19, 7.30 onwards

We can hardly wait for this evening. Since its an Invite Only event, we would request you to register with us for your personal invite.

For further details, you can write to or call us at 09986687299

We look forward to have a blast with you guys!

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