Social Media Agency Feature – The Butterfly Effect


Who are we?

Hello there! We are The Butterfly Effect – A Digital & Design Studio. Run by a close team of creative professionals based in Mumbai. More than a studio, we are artisans and storytellers. We bring brands to life with our quality work and help drive a conversation to business through our skills.

What’s in the name?

In simpler terms The Butterfly Effect means that a single occurrence, no matter how small, can make a difference big enough to change the course of the universe forever. Well, now that is what we do for our brands. We don’t look for big idea, but a simple idea that will make a big difference. We exist to create butterfly effect for every brand we work for!

What we do?


Our work is designed to get you noticed by the right people through the right kind of communication.

  2. MARKETING COLLATERALS (Brochures, Flyers, Mailers)
  • WEB & UI

We take a holistic approach to brand application, channeling the design process to the web experience.


Through simple ideas, coupled with right strategy, we’ll give your brand amazing visibility and mileage online. Whatever your brand or business is, we’ll ensure that your brand becomes friends with your potential customers.


Hang On! There Is More To It –

  1. SEO

Why we do it?

Given the way the digital space has evolved over the years, today not only our friends and peers but also our parents and grandparents are willing to join the bandwagon. Now that forms a potential market, not just for the big brands but also for small players who are looking to promote themselves in the niche markets. But they don’t really know how? That’s where we step into the picture; we create branding and marketing solutions that enable organizations to put their best face forward to their audience.

How we evolve?

We started off as a Design studio, but as and when we met our prospect clients for Design requirements we realized everyone is looking to do Digital marketing as well. That was the turning point for us. We did a strong research at our end and hired professionals with some in-depth knowledge in the industry and started with our Digital Wing. When all these big agencies were running to catch hold of bigger brands, we made the SME sector our baby to help them get visibility and branding in their own local market by smartly using the social media space.

Social responsibility in social media

 There are no norms or rules drafted specifically for the social media marketing industry, as an agency we have to make sure that we play our cards smartly by maintaining uniqueness as well be careful enough to not hurt any emotions and sentiments of the brand audience. A simple rule we follow is we are here to make the brand image not break it.

Need of the hour

Formally drafted rules & norms for marketing online is the basic need of the hour. Also, since the digital space is emerging as a new possible market for brands, free Wifi zones across the country will encourage more people to be a part of the digital world giving brands a platform to connect with the right target market.

We learned the hard way

The core team at Butterfly Effect has worked with a few leading agencies in the past on some major brands. So the basic frame of mind always worked in the fashion of creating big ideas. But since at Butterfly Effect we deal with all SME sector brands we realized big ideas won’t benefit the smaller brands in comparison to how small and meaningful ideas would work. We realized this when we almost lost a client and that is where the whole ideology of creating simple impactful ideas came up and ever since we have been giving our 100% to create a Butterfly Effect for all our brands through the simplest yet meaningful ideas possible.

Did we just share that?

Most of our clients are middle aged entrepreneurs who understand everything about their business but hardly something about design or social media marketing. For us, explaining them the business is more like a tech conversation with our parents. If you know what we mean :p

 They work with us

The two pretty wings of our Butterfly cover clients from genres. A few names to mention – Shipco IT Pvt. Ltd, Systematic Group of Companies, John Gault Pvt Ltd, Pratap Excellency, Silverline Metal Engineers Pvt Ltd, Fablab Engineering Pvt Ltd, Creative Computers, Rajkiran Constructions, Pratham Services, NELTAS, Mensa Commerce Classes, Dr Vora’s Dental Care from various industries including Logistic, Engineering, Real Estate, Education, Healthcare, Food, Product Manufacturing, Textile, Auto etc.

Industry as we foresee

Growth. This is the only thing we see for the Digital Space.

A day without Internet

With the crazy addiction of hoping on to the internet every now and then, it seems practically impossible to survive through the day. But, as long as it is “only one day”, we would let our creative soul free and probably go back to the basics of a book and pencil and sketch/write our thoughts and imaginations while we let our mind wander.

Lastly, are you hiring?