Topical videos from All India Bakchod unfold the secrets of virality


Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “In politics, absurdity is not a handicap” affirming this further, today comedians have familiarized themselves with political potholes and artistically employing it to tickle our funny bones (we are not complaining) making utmost use of the new media sphere.

The political trolling on social media

Satire blended in a cocktail of contemporary political concerns, sarcasm and nasty humor has found a soft spot in the hearts of netizens getting enough love (or likes) on social media.

The season of politician trolling, has travelled from the West to the South East part of the globe. After Presidential candidate Donald Trump being the troll king of internet, Hillary Clinton the female competitor of the States Presidential run also managed to magnet some internet attention.

Our home-comedians lack no where behind, who also flourished themselves in the identical field by climbing the ladder of wit and hilarity to win the social media. Few things just manage to make an easy connect with the national majority, the drama of politics being one.

Trending on the social media giant.

Recently Facebook turned 12 and shared its delight by celebrating it as Friends Day making personalized videos for every user. The social media giant was spilling all over as users went on a sharing spree, soon turning it into a monotonous affair.

Commendable, the comedy men of All India Bakchod did what they do the best, made us snigger by turning this tedious trend into a laughter binge of political biggies of the country. They dedicated a personalized Friends Day themed video for our political men.

Face of BJP Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi and father of the Aam Aadmi Party and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal all got their exclusive AIB version of Friends Day film.

Rahul Baba's Friends Day Video #FriendsDay

Posted by All India Bakchod on Monday, February 8, 2016

The video rubbed their flaws, knacks, traits and goof-ups in our faces eventually cracking us up and bringing out their branded political personalities, following the trending theme.

Modi's Friends Day video #friendsday

Posted by All India Bakchod on Saturday, February 6, 2016

It got an immense response, as the short clips garnered 1.9 million views; over 35k shares on for the Gandhi video, whereas Kejriwal themed video got 8824k views with over 8k shares and finally the video for PM Modi received 1.4 million views and over 17k shares. Apart from that, these videos received plenty of traction which was evident through the likes and comments on Facebook.

Kejriwal's Friends Day Video#TemporaryFriendsDay

Posted by All India Bakchod on Sunday, February 7, 2016

AIB has learnt the art of molding monotonous trends into comedy.

With the digital sphere now getting wings and its marriage with comedy has now surfaced various social-political issues coated with a tinge on comedy, making it more tolerant. Comedy has truly become a serious business, as AIB is taking it very seriously to make all of us laugh. The gang has hammered the nail at the right spot by identifying the trends and re-introducing it with the AIB touch.

The original Friends Day videos, lost its charm as fast as it got caught gradually making it dreary, thus AIB responsibly bought in some fresh air in the clutter of similarity.

They also mingled the three videos into a brief one to publicize it on Instagram, following the video time restrain norms.

Watch the full videos on AIB's Facebook page.

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Brand takeaways

All India Bakchod as a brand has established itself not only as the comedy business setting up spanking new trends but also by renovating the already present.

Keeping a notion in mind, brands too can create an identity for itself by gluing themselves to one idea or theme and thus catering to their audience, the Indian youngsters in the case of AIB. Playing with abstract emotions of drama, comedy, nostalgia, pleasure or more brands ought to carve out by acquainting themselves with their potency.

Social media is a platter which allows brands to plate their product and serve to the consumer. It’s now the responsibility of the brand to identify if their consumer is a spice lover or has a sweet tooth.