10 reasons you should participate in #SS30Under30

Are you the Galileo or Edison of social media? Social Samosa launched Top 30 Under 30, an initiative to spot budding talent in the industry. You could be an account executive at an agency or look after the social media operations of a brand. You could have launched your own tool, agency, or coined a game-changing campaign – this opportunity is for you. For every social media professional out there!

While you take a look at our esteemed jury panel and criteria, let us give you spot on reasons to nominate yourself or a colleague in #SS30Under30.

1.You’ve survived briefs like “We want to create a viral campaign.”



2. And done and re-done the “completely logical” changes suggested by them..



3. Within the client’s budget..





4. You’ve calmed your designers when they receive such feedbacks..




5. You started working on a campaign brief at 7PM in spite of it being your birthday..




6. You’ve pulled off all nighters because who likes to have a personal life…




7. From couriering invoices to executing the campaign, you’ve done it all (and all by yourself at times)..



8. Because you still take comments like “Oh, you get paid to surf on Facebook..”




9. And oft get calls with doubts such as – “how to get a blue tick across my profile?”



10. And you would do it all over again because work gives you the high!



After seeing all these reasons if you have only one reaction – been there done that, #SS30Under30 is for you. Nominate yourself or a deserving colleague, friend, enemy, or a frenemy . It’s time for you to claim the accolade.

All GIFs are sourced from Giphy