Airtel creates little storytellers with Paanch Nanhi Kalme


Big round eyes full of innocence, hands gesturing to paint a vivid picture, and tongue babbling to narrate the perfect story on the canvas of the listener’s imagination – little brats narrating their favourite story sketches one of life’s best experiences.

Airtel draws on this priceless experience to capture a child’s talent and innocence, by empowering them with an opportunity to weave a tale with India’s best author – Amish Tripathi. Titled Paanch Nanhi Kalme, the book is a narrative penned by Tripathi and five kids selected by Airtel. The book is a testimony to sheer talent and passion these little dreamers hold. The video speaks volumes about the gift every child holds; a gift that needs to thrive to grow into the bright future of the country. These tiny faces will steal your heart and make you ache for the storyteller you yourself once hosted.