Blackberrys urges you to join the #Unwrinkle Revolution


Leading menswear brand, Blackberrys has launched a revolutionary range of wrinkle-resistant shirts called Performance 100 shirts. Wrinkle resistant shirts can go a long way in helping men concerned about their appearance. Because let’s face it; a perfectly ironed shirt can easily become shabby if you engage in anything that’s remotely physical. 

This is what inspired Blackberrys to kick-start ‘The Unwrinkle Revolution’ with the launch of its Perfomance100 shirts collection, which aim to make you look sharp throughout.

However, ‘Unwrinkle’ as a concept doesn’t just relate to the problems of wrinkles on your shirt, but can be figuratively linked to dealing with ‘wrinkles’ in our daily lives. To drive this point home,  Blackberrys has released a digital film about ‘The Curious Case of Rishu’ – your average young professional who’s held back by the everyday wrinkles of his life, and on his shirt; driving an obsession to be prim and proper at all times. The short film presents a very light-hearted and chuckle-worthy narrative about the exploits of Rishu, as narrated by his friends, family and co-workers (and even his pet dog). 

Rishu’s concern with ‘wrinkles’, unfortunately makes him come across as very stuck up and arrogant. However, this all changes for our protagonist as he begins to ‘Unwrinkle’ with the help of Blackberrys Performance 100 shirts.

 To promote the video aggressively across all social and digital platforms, Grapes executed a well-rounded strategy of banner ads on third-party websites, in addition to hosting engaging contests based on the video on Facebook and Twitter. As a series based contest, it generated a lot of interest and helped spread word of mouth around the video 

The video received over 4 lakh views on Facebook within 12 hours of going live, along with thousands of likes, shares and comments. On YouTube, till date the video has received over 3 lakh views. On Twitter, thanks to the contest, the hashtag #Unwrinkle trended in the top three slots for over 8 hours