Frank Underwood makes a Twitter appearance with #FranklySpeaking

Brand: Zee Café
Agency: Social Kinnect 
Zee Café for the first time allowed people to binge watch House of Cards just one week after the date of the season premiere. To get the buzz going they launched a Twitter interview through GIFs with Frank Underwood.

— Zee Cafe (@ZeeCafe) March 3, 2016


Identifying that GIFs are most uniquely used and nowadays hugely popular, they wanted to leverage its usage to create conversations and conducted a campaign using #FranklySpeaking.

Once the questions started flowing in, they found appropriate Frank Underwood reactions and created gifs from the episodes


The campaign #FranklySpeaking reacted positively on Twitter as the tag gained 74,36,802 impressions, the hashtag reached a total of 3,55,932, the official Twitter account of Zee Cafe recieved 478.9k impressions. In totality 154 Twitteratis participated in the campaign with 427 clicks on the link and a sum of 391 likes.

GIFs not only added a fun element but wove in an interactive spirit in the campaign.