HDFC Bank places Twitteratis in power with #SpoiltForChoice






HDFC planned to conduct an activity around Valentine’s Day using Twitter’s native tool and creating a Twitter voted Motion Comic.


The chief purpose of the campaign was to make users conscious of the variety of offers given by HDFC bank on Valentine’s Day.


The month of love witnessed numerous campaigns themed around Valentine’s Day and HDFC did the same but in their own innovative manner. The brand used Twitter polls to ask Twitteratis to script a V-Day story by selecting one of the two options for every chapter.

The story revolved around Rishi and his crush Anusha and Twitteratis became the script-writers by planning an ideal Valentine’s Day date. The story commenced with an introductory video of the love chronicle and continued as per the result of the polls of the activity.

@HDFC_Bank A cute dress #SpoiltForChoice


Audiences were given two options on each poll and finally on the basis of majority the next chapter of the story sustained. The story was brought to life with the aid of a motion comic.


This Twitter centric campaign had a reach of 2.7 million, with 15.4 million impressions, received 709 votes over 5 polls and trended for half an hour on number one spot in Mumbai.