87% of mass affluent in India are on Twitter

An audience highly sought-after by brands, the Mass Affluent, or Affluentials, have been challenging for marketers to reach and engage through traditional channels. New research from IPSOS shows that Twitter is increasingly adopted by the Mass Affluent across key markets in Asia. In India, (87%) of the Mass Affluent surveyed use Twitter on a regular basis, with 72% of existing users planning to use the platform more going forward.

The study delves into the Affluentials’ world to to help marketers gain a better understanding of their personal values, attitudes, and outlook on life; as well as their digital and social media habits, and most importantly, why and what they spend their money on. The findings confirm that the product categories they buy depend on factors that go beyond their demographic profiles. In fact, as their incomes grow, so do their expectations of brands and their engagement on social media.

Affluentials also showcase four defining characteristics: Astute Influencers, Focused Achievers, Quality Evangelists, and Socially Conscious. The research found that Affluentials in India like to be better informed (83%), want to help in the community (87%), and believe that affluence has no value unless it improves the quality of life (78%). Those who use Twitter are 1.6 times more likely to be the first to use new technology products, 1.4 times more likely to spend on luxury goods and are 1.4 times more likely to recommend new products.

The research highlights that close to half of the respondents desire to stay updated with the brand and news of its products and services, 74% are looking for environmentally friendly products, and 71% are tech-savvy, looking for mobile technology. 46% Affluentials in India engage with brands for latest news about the company and its products and services.

89% have searched a brand online or visited a store following a “trigger” on Twitter. 82% have shortlisted a brand after doing research on Twitter. Mass Affluent on Twitter shows most purchase interest in Apparel (88%) and Auto (86%) in past 12 months

Taranjeet Singh, Business Head, Twitter India said, “This new research focused on Mass Affluent highlights the motivations and preferences of this highly-coveted audience, with the majority on Twitter today, who appreciate higher quality and better customer service, and are willing to share their experiences with others. It’s great to see their confidence in our platform for their daily lives as well as in their purchase decisions. We are constantly looking for ways to help brands and marketers be more successful, connect and nurture their relationships with these Affluentials through real-time content that this audience values.

With apparel, auto, home & interiors being the products of immediate relevance to affluents in India on Twitter, brands from the ecommerce, auto and real-estate sectors have a great opportunity to engage with users on a regular basis and make the most out of the platform.”

Tips for how marketers can engage the Affluentials:

  • Understand their content needs -Financial advice and personal development are the top two content priorities for Affluentials. 49% expect to see content about short- and long-term management of their personal finances, from wealth accumulation to succession. 39% of the affluentials are looking for information regarding career and self improvement. Affluentials are constantly looking for information regarding tips on being healthy and fit, updates on products and services, advice on money and retirement, creating a work/life balance as well as promotion and discounts exclusively on Twitter.
  • Connect with their interests – 49% search for information on how to save money, 45% search for updates on products and services and on how to stay fit and healthy. This growing segment is not only using Twitter for news, sports and entertainment but also for content related to eclectic interests, professional development and lifestyle-related advice.
  • Better customer service – 1 in 2 respondents expect personalised technical support, updates on purchase statuses, and answers to product-specific questions.