[Infographic] 30 must have qualities for social media professionals

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[Infographic] 30 must have qualities for social media professionals
As the world goes gaga over the magic of social media, let’s not forget the wand actually resides in the hands of social media professionals. A blend of skill and art, instant victory in this field of virality is a myth. So, if you're Mr./Ms. Know It All, tattle-teller, techno geek, post pundit, tweet whizz or social butterfly you sure are on the right track, but it takes a little more than that to crack the expert code.

Absence of a rigid social media bible and at the same time rising personalities inclined to serve the residents of social space, the imbalance in the ratio urges the call for traits to fill the gaps of an expert. If not years, professionals will require months to mould into a product that excels in this zone through trial and error.

Social Samosa serves you a cheat platter, aiding you to become a social media darling.

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