Religare Health Insurance warms hearts with a unique content driven campaign - #itsmyturn

Saloni Surti
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Religare Health Insurance
The campaign is based on the premise that even a simple act of love from children can bring endless happiness to parents. It also highlights a beautiful thought that since we all grow up seeing our parent’s as pillars of strength, we tend to forget that in their golden years they need us the same way.

The campaign is based on the core idea of insuring parents’ good health by giving the social-verse a reminder that it is our turn now to look after them. Religare Health Insurance intelligently managed to tug at its audience’s heart by offering the youth a platform to celebrate and express their love & care towards parents.

The brilliance of execution is how technology has been effectively used to garner messages from audiences across the country for their parents, on the “Wall of Care” microsite.

As a part of the month-long celebration of parents, Religare Health Insurance is encouraging audiences, to pledge to ‘insure’ their parents’ health and happiness.

All the content channels used in #ItsMyturn create a central theme through the microsite of the campaign which then seamlessly integrates it with their product Care Freedom.

The right turn!

During the pre-launch phase, the brand created high curiosity levels with interesting videos and pictorial content. All the communication around #ItsMyturnis based on the fact that it takes so little to make our parents happy.

Our smallest gestures of care can make our parents immensely happy. Today, surprise them with a loving message. #ItsMyturn

Posted by Religare Health Insurance on Thursday, March 10, 2016

#ItsMyturn took it upon itself to establish the youth’s responsibility of taking care of their parents in their golden days. The brand encouraged user to pledge or insure their parents’ health or happiness.

Messages from the audience were pinned on the ‘Wall of Care’ built on the microsite to streamline and create a feeling or being involved.


Religare Health Insurance further created a utility based content bucket – Health Guru Tip. Each day the Guru would share one health tip that helps in look after parents’ health.

Make sure you get enough sleep. Sleep Deprivation can lead to major health problems. #ItsMyturn

Posted by Religare Health Insurance on Monday, March 14, 2016

The campaign managed to generate astounding results across social media within a matter of days. During the three days of the pre-launch, the campaign received 26,749 Twitter impressions with an engagement of 1,335 responses.

Impressions on launch day were recorded at 15, 757 with an engagement of 1,818 responses which made the campaign trend on the second spot through the day.The total reach of the campaign created 29.3 millionmark.

What worked well?

A streamlined content approach helped the campaign achiever the core objective that is create awareness around parent health and carve out a recall for their product Care Freedom.

Creating a month-long campaign not only increased the shelf life of the hashtag, but also managed to create a larger brand recall.

The creative and interactive microsite added the final touch.

All in all #ItsMyturn’s well thought and precise strategy, helped the brand create a mark in the cluttered BFSI space on social media.

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