Royal Challenge’s #PlayBold becomes synonymous with World Cup craze

Fuelling fervor amidst this season of stumps, Royal Challenge shoots an anthem starring cricketing superstars Virat Kohli and M.S Dhoni for the frenzy fans from this cricket centric country, urging them to play bold.

Mera India, Tu Play Bold

Exceedingly overwhelming the sports scene of the nation, this has far surpassed from a mere game of eleven versus eleven to become a tussle, a religion that unifies like none other.

Echoing the voice of the nation, #PlayBold captures the spice of this sport thus attempting to amplify the ubiquitous exhilaration behind the game with the commencement of the sixth edition of the T20 World Cup. The overall aesthetics of the film arrests the aura of contemporary India staying close to the theme through the scenes and lyrics.

The film picked up raw chunks from Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, and Delhi thus covering varied geographies of the country and fleshing out the essence of the country.

Subroto Geed the Senior VP –Marketing, United Spirits, said, “Through this anthem, Royal Challenge Sports Drink is attempting to galvanize the Indian youth to follow their heart and make bold choices. We hope that the anthem’s catchphrase “Mere India, Tu Play Bold”, becomes a single sound that does not just reflect our country’s love for cricket, but goes on to become the youth anthem for India.”

Audio -Video field

Cold hued, faded tones and eye-grasping editing, the pace of the film accelerates keeping the tune catchy and upbeat. Bollywood music composers Salim – Sulaiman produced the music of the film while Vishal Dadlani gave his voice.

Along with youngsters, the charismatic presence of Virat Kohli and Mahindra Singh Dhoni makes the content meaty. Keeping cricket at its crux, unexplored activities of surfing, skate-boarding, snooker, hula hoop and more made its space in the frame thus bringing in novelty.

Towards the conclusion, the film beautifully showcases blue smoke, thus subtly hinting towards the shade of the Indian cricket.

Hits a six or slams the stumps?

#PlayBold the film tip-offs the cricket team gearing up for the upcoming World Cup to get on the field and play boldly just like today’s Y-generation. The campaign sure hits a huge with this anthem by piecing together the exact elements to erect a fine film which has already won social media by the immense sharing and liking.

One really needs to feel the spirit of #India while making a sports anthem. To bring out the feeling of team spirit and…

Posted by Salim – Sulaiman on Thursday, March 10, 2016

T20 wc 2016 Theme Song :-) Mere India Tu #PLAYBOLD (y)Repeat Mood :-D Superb Song :*

Posted by Srk Msdian Sourav on Sunday, March 13, 2016


Lastly, his presence filling the frames with fumes and looking awfully gorgeous Virat Kohli earns bonus brownie points for this film.

Social media score sheet

With the video being shared massively, it is pretty hard to miss it on the screens. Dissecting the exact figures, it garnered over 4 million views of Facebook and YouTube combined, additionally it received more than 30k likes and 7k shares on the social media giant and also made it on the Twitter trends on the day of its launch, trending for over 6 hours.

#PlayBold caught on to Netizens quickly so as to make it the hashtag for this World Cup

Smart timing

#PlayBold was launched in the first week of March almost 10 days prior to the inauguration of T20 World Cup. Thus, allowing the brand enough time to enhance the video’s reach with a combination of organic and paid push.

This, also being one of the first viral cricket campaigns of the season, much of the conversation around the T20 World Cup is associated with the hashtag creating seamless brand recall for Royal Challenge.

#PlayBold also manages to nail the concept of content marketing by relating the energies of a Sports Drink with the upbeat music and cinematography.

How the campaign performs as the tournament progresses will be interesting to track.