How TCS amplified the reach and downloads for Global Trend Study

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

The Complete Reimaginative Force is the sixth global trend study conducted by TCS in the market ever since 2011. The recent study spotlights on what large companies are doing with ‘Internet of Things’ technologies.

The objective of this campaign was reaching out to relevant audience on social media, who would go on to download the study and influence other similar stakeholders to download the it. The brand aimed to increase the engagement and conversations around the IoT study on Social Media, boost the number of downloads to the Global Trend Study, and amplify the number of downloads through the social medium.

The leading task was to extract out interesting messages from the Global Trend Study which would make the audience want to read more of it. An equally compelling image would be necessary to catch the eye of the audience. A new image template was created for Global Trend Study which was very different from the template TCS usually follows on Social Media.

Social Media messages were crafted with hooks like Did You Know, Know how, and use of facts and figures to arouse the interest of the audience.

Next key task was to identify the relevant platforms to promote the Trend Study. Seeing the nature of the study and the target audience for the study, LinkedIn was identified as the primary platform.

Apart from the organic posts on LinkedIn, they identified Sponsored Updates and Inmails as paid mediums on LinkedIn to reach out to their target audience. As Inmails are more personalized forms of ads, they made sure to craft out personalized text for them.

Apart from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare& YouTube was utilized to reach out to our audience in different ways.

The 2 phased, social media campaign for the Global Trend Study was for around 2 months from the date of launch. In the first phase they promoted the Global Trend Study and key findings from the study along with the CEO Point of view. In the second phase they promoted the IoT case studies from Intel, GE, HP and PTC.


So far the Global Trend Study has seen 9000+ unique downloads since the launch, with the largest chunk of close to 3000 downloads from Social Media.

The campaign received 25101046 impressions on social media, the campaign was mentioned by over 500 user accounts on Twitter, with an average LinkedIn engagement rate of 0.7%, twitter engagement rate of 1.1% and a total of 561,100 YouTube views.