A walk through Social Samosa Top 30 Under 30 criteria

The Early bird catches the worm – an adage when applied changes the course of life dynamically. Social media industry boasts of many such early birds; personalities who challenged themselves and defied the stereotype that success is directly proportional to age. To commemorate a list of such achievers, Social Samosa introduced Top 30 Under 30.

With this initiative, Social Samosa will unveil a list of 30 most eligible young Turks who left a mark on the industry with their hard work, talent, and conviction. Any person working in the field of social media, who is of 30 years or under on March 31st, 2016 can enrol in the initiative.

All the entries will be analysed by a jury panel consisting of the who’s who of the industry. The jury will evaluate each application against a set of pre-decided criteria, listed below.

Innovation/Transformation: Do you consider yourself as a thought leader? Someone who thought out of the box or brought about a transformation or managed to innovate? If yes, you’ve earned yourself some point.

Scale of Campaigns/Client: How many clients have you handled? What was the scale of the campaign? What kind of reach did it create and finally what was the impact?

Measure of Experience (Diversity, Number of Years): How much time have you spent in the industry; handled which all verticals, and what is it that you learnt? No, it doesn’t imply that number of years holds leverage. It all boils down to quality.

Social Clout: You got to be social to win social media. The jury will have a look at your presence on social platforms and how you are adding value through it.

Real Steel: Your work, ideas, or product – how did they impact the industry? Have you managed to change, influencer, or educate an industry person?

Actions speak louder than words and that’s exactly what the jury will judge – your actions, your work! You don’t need to be a Mark Zuckerberg or an Evan Spiegel to be featured on this list. It could be a social media executive at an agency or a CRM manager at a brand; maybe someone who looked after social media at a start-up – it is your work that matters and speaks volumes!

All the budding social media legends out there, register yourself here to participate in Social Samosa Top 30 Under 30.