Brands hold higher engagement opportunity on Facebook

A study conducted by IMRB and custom-built by Facebook called ‘How Mobile Moves People’ released findings on the behavioral tendencies of the Facebook user base in India.

The study claims that monthly, netizens access Facebook 2.4 times more than Twitter, furthermore, make usage of the social media giant 2 times more than YouTube. This study covers the habits across all screens of users including apps, mobile web, and even desktop.

This research subtly hints how Facebook is known as the social media giant for a reason and continues to maintain its position on the top compared to other social media platforms. In a way, this study is an affirmation to brands to leverage maximum from this platform.

According to this report, the user base on the platform in the other cities is larger than twice than that of the 8 metro cities. The study further says that 70% of the people using Facebook own smartphones whereas 63% of them use 3G connections and 38% use a 2G connection.

88% have a prepaid connection while 14% of the Facebook users have a connection that is post-paid. The study further notifies that for Andriod Facebook users  in India is the most admired operating system followed by iOS and then Windows.

This research clearly demonstrates the consuming traits of Facebook users in India thus giving brands and agencies a transparent idea of their target audience and numerically giving them an idea of what they are dealing with. Conducting this study peels the layers off the user tendencies of  the Facebook user base in India, which has expanded more professionally these days and continues to do so further.