Foster’s unveils new packaging with #HaveYouSeenIt

While, the condescending heat wave of the country is determined to hit upon us this summer, it is high time we befriend a bottle of crisp, chilled beer. Resonating to this crib of every beer-loving individual this summer and otherwise, Foster’s the international beer brand introduces the campaign #HaveYouSeenIT keeping the product as the protagonist.

Beer to beat the heat

Apathetic to the country’s cry of soaring temperature, Foster’s grasped on to the opportunity to unveil their product’s new packaging with, out of the ordinary innovations. The brand leveraged on the digital medium to release their campaign focusing entirely elements of the product.

A short film of 32 seconds encapsulates the entire zest of the beer, giving utter prominence to it being chilled and satisfying, thus energizing the atmosphere around.  This digital film plays flawlessly with the colors, where initially the scene showcases warm colors and characters feeling warm and uncomfortable. The latter witnesses an instant change as soon as the characters grab a bottle and take a sip, the scene is shifted to cold, blue colors showing how the beer affects the mood turning the scene into a party.

Following this film, Foster’s released a couple of supporting films bringing out the traits of the bottle keeping it as the protagonist. One such film ‘Art of Picking Up’ features comedian Abish Mathew, obviously holding humor in its script. To outline, the film simply captures two women who couldn’t stop admiring, only later to realize that all the appreciation was for the Foster’s beer bottle around and not Abish.

‘Feat of strength’ another such supporting video casually boasts of the new bottle which is absolutely human-friendly to open with a ring pull up. The video thus features the human bottle opener.

One last video features VJ Jose reviewing the new gadget (bottle) which the brand has brought out with absolutely fabulous enhancement. The new bottle comes out with a feature indicating when it’s chilled and ready to be gulped down.

Social media heat

We all know it gives us an unwanted belly, but we still can’t keep our hands off it. This is what exactly the response Foster’s received with its campaign, #HaveYouSeenIt. Releasing short films and throwing every feature under spotlight by making the bottle a champion, the campaign earned enough appreciation.

On social media the campaign also shared some humorous illustrations and creatives to make it relatable to the youth.

With netizens gushing about the campaign, it made it on the twitter trend list on 25 April. VJ Jose and comedian Abish Mathew being well-known faces in the youth circle managed to grab interest. Using #HaveYouSeeIt is suggesting the audience to check out the new features of the bottle, making is relevant to the campaign.

Though the campaign was poorly designed and constructed but the features highlighted through it managed to get the campaign on the top. More or less, the campaign was on the warmer side on social media.


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