Keep your social media profiles resume ready!

A crisp shirt and black tie no longer forms the first impression for interviewers. The employers have seen, evaluated, and contemplated a candidate’s role in their agency, courtesy their social media profiles. Talent now gets hired in 140 characters, literally!

Social hygiene isn’t enough to create the apt impression. Candidates need to indulge into active brand building through their social profiles.

Differentiate between personal & professional


Professionals a lot of times keep separate social media profiles for professional networking. Now, that might not be feasible for students, given the limited contacts in the industry. In this scenario be highly aware of everything that you share. Keep potential employers under the restricted list; share all your albums, personal statuses, check-ins, tags as private.

Build a brand


Every individual stands for something and your potential employers need to know what do you stand for. It could be a cause, act, or law. Share articles, blogs, or polls; share your opinion; don’t be afraid to speak up.

Further, your social media profiles need to show thought leadership. So, if getting into a digital marketing agency is the goal – write and share blogs on social media marketing probably.

Active use of keywords

All important keywords present in the description.
All important keywords present in the description.

HR teams often Google search designations they want to hire for or traits from the job description. If you want your name to pop up in the results make sure to actively involve the right keywords in the descriptions on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Make sure that the keywords add value to your skill set and give insights of your capabilities.

Stay 10 miles away from discrepancies  


Lying on your resume and social media profiles is a very big deal; one that can get you in deep trouble. Make sure that you LinkedIn profile and achievements mentioned on other social media profiles are in sync with your resume and vice-versa.

Market your work

Man Holding Loudspeaker

Market yourself and your work shamelessly. Pin your resume online. If you’re into designing share your portfolio on Behance. You could also share your portfolio through Tumblr. Writers, please don’t shy away from sharing your blog links.

Being resume ready isn’t enough. You need to be on the right place at the right time. Knock on doors till they open up roads to opportunities. Register yourself for #SMJF2016 and find #TheRightJob.