PSS Entertainments: A journey of passionate digital marketers

Are you privy to that hollow feeling one experiences when their work fails to carve a sense of fulfilment? Some might call it lack of work satisfaction; others term it as the cue to embark on their journey – these are the ones who usually make it as successful start-up entrepreneurs.

Animesh Ganguly was the victim of this feeling, albeit an established job at an esteemed MNC with a multi-digital salary. Ganguly had the drive to launch his own venture; work where it counts! He shared his passion with a good friend (to be partner of his start-up) – Soumya Sarkar, who was a student back then.

Sarkar and Ganguly often indulged in passionate conversations of someday owning a venture. Head to heads over endless of cups of tea boiled down to the stake of social media publicity in the kalyuga of marketing. Further digging exhibited how people in Kolkata faced a dearth of awareness when it came to social media marketing.

The duo then settled on the niche of social promotions – an unchartered territory in Kolkata. The idea was to act as a catalyst for effect marketing/promotions on a budget.

With considerable results in their kitty – Sarkar and Ganguly started picking up more projects.Ganguly started assisting Neel Mitra, a renowned PR from Kolkata.

After rigorous efforts, PSS Entertainments got it’s eureka moment! The agency achieved the opportunity to promote a full-fledged Bengali project – Aboseshey. Sarkar and Ganguly executed this project without any cost to give the industry an understanding of how effective the promotion is.

Aboseshey went ahead and won an award for the Best Female Playback. “It was the first time we worked professionally for a film. During the social media promotions of the film, we got an idea of the entire process pans out. It helped us generate more ideas and got more recognition for our work in the Bengali film circle,” Shubho Ganguly, Co-Founder, PSS Entertainments.

Simultaneously, PSS Entertainments landed a project with Eskay Movies, a leading production house in Kolkata without any professional charges. Glamorous results with no cost attained the agency trust of their clients thus, getting them permanent clients.

Having worked with two prestigious names, there was no turning back for the super pair. PSS Entertainments soon bagged their first paid project, which was handling the account of none other than the superstar of Bengal Prosenjit Chatterjee.

Till date, the agency boasts of 80 films social media campaigns in Kolkata. Within three and a half years, PSS Entertainments has its own office space with a team of 18.

In 2016, the PSS Entertainments duo plans to expand their services beyond movies and entertainment. The agency will also service corporate clients. Sarkar and Ganguly further plan to build the social portfolio of the young talent, by offering them a view of the conversations around them across platforms.

Stemmed from a small dream of bringing about a change, PSS Entertainments is that kid who is now ready to take on the world.