#SadaSexyRaho blends Ranveer Singh's popularity with cricket fervor

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#SadaSexyRaho blends Ranveer Singh's popularity with cricket fervor


Set Wet India


The Glitch

Set Wet, a male grooming master brand during the World Cup intended to bring out the the brand’s archetype and personality by pushing out their campaign.

The brand has a fundamental agenda to make men feel great and confident, siding to their motto of ‘Sada Sexy Raho;


This World Cup, Set Wet added the sexy in Cricket by pushing out the personality with fun and witty content on both Facebook and Twitter. On Twitter Set Wet gave its own sexy & quirky take on the India matches with real-time commentary and pushing out the campaign hashtag #SadaSexyRaho


While the entire nation was attached to their television screen witnessing the historic India matches, Set Wet cheered India’s every shot and move on Twitter. A part of Set Wet’s #SadaSexyRaho campaign, the official account on Twitter conducted real-time commentary on the matches through quirky and humorous caricatures of their Brand Ambassador, the exceptional Ranveer Singh in a truly ‘Set Wet’ style.

The fans joined in enthusiastically to cheer for the Men in Blue and roared for the team as they went on hitting match-winning shots using the hashtag #SadaSexyRaho.

Moreover, several suave caricatures of Ranveer Singh were shared as real-time commentary during the matches.


The #SadaSexyRaho hastag trended for over 3 hours during the India matches with fans lapping it up and cheering for their favourite – the Indian Cricket team.

23rd March 2016 --1

The brand managed to reach more than 9.7 Million unique users on Twitter. With a total of 32.1 Million plus impressions on social media.

The campaign managed to bank on heartthrob Ranveer Singh's popularity combined with the cricket fervor.

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