Social media buzzwords demystified!

Social media agencies cultivate a different world in itself. A universe so dynamic that it changes with every passing campaign, each status, and well, from client to client! This terrain calls out for no formal attire or hierarchy, but sheer creativity and fun along the way.

A day in an agency is flooded with client calls, creative brainstorming, and sometimes really weird briefs. While you make sense out of this chaos, we demystify some jargons that will be thrown your way day in and day out.



Back in the day viral implied outbreak of fever or influenza in the city – they were the good old days. In the digital marketing world, it is a piece of content that goes viral, videos most of the time. Content that clicks (no pun intended) with almost everyone, hence, shared on varied profiles and timeline. Remeber Kolaveri Di? That’s it.

Don’t be surprised when a client throws in a brief like – Let’s create a viral campaign.



Also known as the Gantt Chart, a tracker is meant to keep a track (obviously) of your activities. It will record all the tasks to be done by you and the rest of the team with individual deadlines for each. Intense, right?


Only if pitching clients looked like it did in Mad Men
Only if pitching clients looked like it did in Mad Men

Thinking of cricket? Yeah, that’s not it! A pitch is something you make for the client, basically convincing them to hire your agency. Creating a pitch involves a lot of creativity, convictions, and efforts.


When the brief says make it trend
When the brief says make it trend

A fairly over – abused word in the social media industry, trending, is capable of giving you sleepless nights. Clients will want their campaign to trend on Twitter, bosses might push you towards achieving it; it will become the high-point of your agency days.



I’m sorry; this is the word that will give you sleepless nights. Sometimes the deadline will be as short as two hours and sometimes decent like two weeks. But, with the amount of work, you will often find yourself scramming in the last half hour to achieve it.


client feedback
Your reaction when client sends feedback

Good news – in the social media world too Feedback means what it usually does. Bad news – client feedback holds the potential of serious depression. You might have worked breathless on a piece of work, but your client could have a very mean feedback for it. Sometimes, unnecessary as well.



You might be able to guess this one. A social media influencer is someone who holds considerable following and a clout of sorts over these followers across social channels. In the given marketing scenario, influencers are the new ambassadors who convey the brand’s products and identity.



Call to Action or CTA is something that might keep you awake at nights. It basically means a statement that encourages the audience to take the action the brand wishes them to. It needs to be, crisp, creative, and as much as I hate to say it – out of the box!

Social media agencies cultivate hard work, diligence, and knowledge. A world that will teach you right from basics of marketing to industry and life norms. If you wish to build a career in this space, register yourself for Social Media Job Fair (#SMJF2016) to find #TheRightJob.