5 unconventional methods to monetize your travel blog

Saloni Surti
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5 unconventional methods to monetize your travel blog
Dream version – launched a travel blog, acquired huge fan following, free trips and services started following in, brands want to get featured, and my Instagram feed looks just awesome. Reality – none of the above happened, I have managed to scrape a few trips from my savings and in spite of the quality of my work, traffic is pretty much close to zilch.

Whether you’re a travel blogger by passion or trend (yes, because blogging is the new “guitar”) three months down the line novelty wears off, Alexa Ranking becomes a source of depression, and the constant worry of monetary survival takes you head on.

Now, here the difference matters – if its sheer passion you just have to make it work! As a passionate blogger you’re of course aware of the regular monetisation channels. But, as they say, ‘Desperate times require desperate measures’ – here are some unconventional methods for monetising your travel blog.

Take workshops

Considering the fact that you’re a passionate travel blogger, your knowledge on various aspects of blogging could serve as a goldmine when shared with aspiring bloggers. Take workshops or become a trainer – from nuances of becoming a blogger to a traveller, you have a lot to teach and it could be a steady source of income.

Organise/Coordinate trips

You hold a certain expertise and knack for travelling – put it to the best use. Plus, you have millions of contacts due to eons of research done and the trips taken. It’s the right time to monetise this.

Take up quick tour guide jobs with travel agencies or play agent by offering best deals and bookings. The best way would be offering tour guide services to colleges; they have a steady supply of industrial visits and field trips.

Write and sell e-books

An eBook will hone your writing skills, help you build a brand and establish yourself as an expert. Create a memoir of your travel experiences; write from a bloggers’ perspective. Blend your experience as a blogger in the travelogue – this will help you cater to potential bloggers and end users.

Keep the cost southward initially, once you have a dedicated audience you could increase the frequency and the prices.


Making it on your own is a lot more difficult than it appears. As an individual blogger, your reach might be limited – collaborate with other bloggers. Write, shoot and pose for each other’s blog. Try creating a combined reach – and balance of the opposite person’s strength.

Get a job!

That’s right. Monetising your blog during the first six months is never a good idea. Even after that, monetization will continue to be an issue. An alternative money stream will help you protect your core passion. And let’s just face it; everyone has got to pay their dues. If you really want to do something you love, you will have to go that one extra mile.

Try avoiding unholy practices such as paid mentions (that are totally out of context) or out and out promotions for weird briefs. It will get you nowhere.

This is what we have; if you got additional unconventional methods share with us in the comments below.

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