Zee TV’s Twitter timeline goes blank for #ICanDoThat via twitter


Zee TV


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I Can Do That is an exclusive international format show which came to the country with a star studded participant lineup to become an entertainment show with a format which challenges celebrities to perform acts that are out of their comfort zone, exclusively on Zee TV.


To create awareness about the show’s concept and leverage the channel’s digital clout to engage with the audience.


Twitter timeline which streams content every mili second, slowly saw blank tweets from the brand’s handle. The entire Zee TV timeline went blank with the help of pictures and GIF’s. The 360 thousand followers on the Zee TV Twitter handle wondered if the brand had made a major blunder.

As curious followers clicked on the tweets, they were stunned to see a hidden image or GIF within. With each tweet, people could connect the dots. Every tweet lead to a clue which as a whole revealed the concept of the show the buzz and speculation around the show and its concept and the Twitteratis’s reaction made the platform innovation.


With around 360K followers of Zee TV, seeing a blank timeline created an instant buzz on Twitter. The first of its kind Twitter innovation caught attention of a lot of people. The campaign hashtag trended in India for over 2 days. And over 3 million impressions were achieved in less than 2 days.