Are you earning from your selfies yet?

Like it or not, you are a slave to the selfie pop culture, with its end nowhere to be seen. Selfie has found its foot strong in the social sphere with people leaping on from everywhere to fit the frame, get the perfect angle or ace the duck face to fetch the ‘likes’.
 As innocent it may sound, selfie enthusiasts with their front cameras are taking over life-threatening adventures for a “perfect” picture to please the people of social media.

Edge on the cliff selfie, riding on the sportsbike selfie, wildlife safari selfie and the list goes on. The film takes the route of sarcasm to put across the message of the rising selfie threats. As funny as it may sound, Selfie is deadly and the addiction is contagious

So, are you planning to earn from your selfies or the video has managed to speak some sense?