KFC’s #PlateOfHope unites netizens to break the burden of hunger

An intense crave for appetite is a silent scream of the soul. Global food chain KFC in India identified 194.6 million people who are a prey to the mayhem of starvation and upheld a campaign overloaded with hope to address hunger by giving a plate to the needy through the digital platform.

Breeding in the world which unfortunately does not nurture equality of social strata, where hunger is a raising concern pulling humanity downwards, food chain giant KFC bearing to their image digitally mandates to reach this hitch.

 KFC shows a ray of hope to a child’s stomach

Serving food around the globe, the brand strongly believes that no one should be devoid of food; in this race to eradicate starvation, KFC introduced a campaign to boost the fight against hunger by crowd funding a campaign.

Announcing on May 11, KFC urged netizens to create their personalized #PlateOfHope with a message to destroy hunger and swearing to feed a child.

Aiming towards a giant cause, KFC took a straightforward route by asking for support from users by crafting #PlateOfHope through their microsite. To assemble the campaign, first, the brand planted illustrations through creatives stating national facts behind this ugly crisis. These staggering digits were put up on our screens to ignite hearts and in return garner support through the campaign.

Each digital plate equaled to feeding a child, thus urging a majority to participate in the campaign. The standard plates created on microsite gave the liberty to create personalized which later were transformed in the campaign themed illustrations and published on the brand’s social media handle.

Breaking down the campaign  

For starters the brand chose a hashtag playing around the phase ‘Ray of hope’ drawing a close connection with the cause which evidently surfaced the intention behind the campaign. Being a food brand, KFC picked to fight against a cause which strings well with their character.

The campaign was solely based on crowd funding and induced interaction around their brand to promote this activity. KFC erected a campaign to build engagement and further announced it to the social-verse that the brand is upholding such an activity thus grabbing some spotlight, also, placing itself in the list of brands contributing to the society.

Pushing in another hashtag along with the original #PlateOfHope, #KFCAddHope was executed encouraging individuals to pay 5 rupees to any KFC store which again looked at feeding a child.

Social scenario

Receiving 3.4k reactions on their announcement, it can be safely accepted that the campaign did gain support from users actively available to provide their plate.

The campaign has a limit of 20,000 plates and has already managed to get 12855 till the last count. The messages shared through illustrations raise some hope for humanity aiding in this struggle.

#PlateOfHope was based entirely on illustrations without further fancies to enhance the campaign. This actually worked well for the brand as simplicity reaches masses better enabling larger interaction which was the primary motive.

This on-going campaign was designed to build an entire community supporting a single cause but behind the global name of KFC.

Food Brands fighting hunger digitally

Chings last year collaborated with Akshaya Patra, making Bollywood star Ranveer Singh the face of their campaign – ‘India ke Hunger ki Bajao’ motivation people to donate a petty amount of INR 750.

In the same year, Yum! in India through their campaign raised close to $75,000 towards the fight partnering with WFP on a project to boost the nutrition through mid day meals which benefited nearly 100,000 school children.

India Food Banking Network coupled with Kellogg’s India served healthy breakfast with Feed the Dream each day to 7,000 students from under-privileged backgrounds by feeding 8.75 breakfasts.

Food brands association with starvation and meal programmes has been a trend so to say; actively using social media to achieve this further amplifies the reach of such initiatives.