Shemaroo blends love for cricket and Bollywood with CPL




There has always been a strong connection between Bollywood and cricket; taking a leaf from this, Shemaroo launched the Comedy Premiere League, which connects Bollywood and cricket with our fans.


The campaign was executed in the same way in which a cricket tournament would be executed but on Twitter.

On Shemaroo CPL, audience saw a clash between two superstars – Akshay Kumar & Salman Khan as team captains. Akshay Kumar’s team was called #AkshayKeKhiladi and Salman Khan’s team was called #SalmanKeDabangg. Each team had 11 players and each of the players from the team played his inning with his comical video that was uploaded on YouTube and shared on Twitter.

So in all, 2 videos were uploaded each day, one from each of the two teams. All that the fans had to do was to tweet, re-tweet, favourite and like the YouTube video to support their favourite team during the contest held on Twitter from April 14 to April 16.

Each team was given a hashtag, usage of the hashtag was assigned a single run to allow fans to score for the team they were supporting.

The scores were calculated on the basis of- likes on the YouTube videos – 6 runs, re-tweet – 4 runs, favourite – 2 runs, hashtag usage – 1 run and also this 1 run was added for the individual participants. The video link of their favourite star had to be tweeted with the hashtag of the respective team they supported.

Leader board was updated every morning during the period. One winner was selected every day on the basis of the highest number of runs scored (one with the maximum number of hashtags tweeted from any of the two teams).

Also, the one with the maximum number of hashtags throughout the tournament was selected as the player of the tournament and was given an Android smartphone


The campaign populated more than 46,897 tweets leading to a reach of over 55,063,405. Mentions went up by 1000% percent on Shemaroo with a total of 21,241 mentions on the handle. The campaign saw a total of 1958 RTs, 1832 Favourites, 1762 clicks, 1032 replies on Shemaroo Ent Twitter handle

The overall engagement rate on the Twitter handle before the campaign started was 1.8% which got a massive increase and reached 13.7% engagement rate at the end of campaign

On YouTube, the campaign got a total of 39,028 video views and 1640 video likes.

Participants were very active especially the fan base of both the superstars and the demographics show that people from various parts of the world participated in this campaign. 78% from India, 5% from USA, 3% from Pakistan, 1.5 % Bangladesh, 1.3 % UAE, 1 % UK, and 1 % Canada.

Blending passion for cricket and Bollywood worked well for the campaign.