Social media job profiles freshers need to know about

A status on a brand’s page is just a post for you. What you don’t know here is the amount of thought, ideation, strategising, and brainstorming invested behind it. Social media marketing is a science in itself; one that requires a team to work as one.

Here is a list of social media job profiles that you can expect if you plan to construct a career in this industry.

Social media community manager

The one job profile that will officially pay you to spend a lot of time on Facebook and follow Twitter, dedicatedly. Presence of mind, sharp observation skills, and classy communication skills, are a few traits that will help you excel this profile.

A social media community manager needs to be the eyes and ears of the brand on social media. Identify potential threats and curb them at the root, participate in trending conversations and pitch in the brand subtly and keep the brand’s social community engaged, and a lot more interesting tasks will be thrown your way under this profile.

Social media strategist

From a single text post to the creative of the visuals – every element of a social media page needs to be in sync with the strategy. A well rounded strategy that leads the organization’s brand voice, identity, and RoI through social channels!

A social media strategist needs to devise a plan for all social platforms that the brand is or wishes to be present on. The strategy eventually has to lead to the brand’s growth.

Business Development Executive

This is one of the most crucial profiles in a social media agency set up. Business development isn’t only about spotting or pitching for clients. It involves devising monetization strategies and models basis current trends.

Right from making proposals to warming leads, Business Development team needs to ensure smooth influx of monies.

Content Writing 

For all the wordsmiths out there, social media hosts content opportunities that you’re very unlikely to get elsewhere. It could be writing blogs for client, or work diaries for in house purposes, content writing in agencies will open your imagination, vocabulary, and thoughts.

Graphic Designing 

If you manage to visualize even the most banal of happenings on Illustrator and Photo Shop, this job profile is for you. Graphic designing for social media agencies involves numerous challenges and hence brings out the best of creativity.

Client Servicing Executive

Great communication skills and the will to create a mark in the industry can take you places with the Client Servicing profile in this industry. It involves bridging the gap between the agency and the client, not only in terms of work but in terms of expectations as well. There will be briefs that don’t go down well with the agency and work that doesn’t resonate with the client. Amidst all this madness it your job to find the sweet spot.

Online reputation manager

As the title suggests, the profile involves guarding and enhancing a brand’s image across social media channels. OR managers need to actively answer queries, offer solutions, and keep the brand’s pages responsive and fun.  

Copy writer 

If being short and sweet is your thing, Copy Writing is your calling. Crisp, funny, and strong – social media copies demand a blend of creativity and knowledge.

With marketing budgets shifting towards digital and social in specific; students hoping to build a future in creative, marketing, and media will find most potential and scope in this field. Now that you know what to expect, try to figure out your calling.