Steering people to vote for the Tamil Nadu election through Twitter

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Steering people to vote for the Tamil Nadu election through Twitter
Its the Election Day In Tamil Nadu and it looks like there is going to be a record turn out of voters inspite of the heavy rains there..

The Majority of the appreciation must be given to the Election commission , who had been luring people to vote effectively through celebrity videos, dubsmash videos, and posters.

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On the big day, the election commission made sure that they reach out to every possible voter using Twitter as a medium. For this, they traced down users from Tamil Nadu through their API and sent them private messages to vote and use their hashtags - #IvotedTN or #வாக்களித்தேன்
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They also sent each user a personalized digital poster signed by celebrities to gratify them for exercising their right to vote.
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Tamil Nadu is a land which has a huge following for its cinema stars. Cashing on this, the government also used the images of their stars voting, to create awareness about the big day.
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The campaigns have been very fruitful so far as, TN has reportedly recorded 19 percentage votes in the first two hours of polling itself.
The article is written by Arvin Subramanian
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