Every Indian Football Fan you need to know about  

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Every Indian Football Fan you need to know about  
The UEFA European Championship 2016 has commenced and despite being a cricket crazy nation, football seems to be gaining popularity in India. This change in behavioural patterns can be attributed to a lot of factors, but the most important reasons are - Ronaldo and Messi.

The average Indian football fan does not know much about football other than what his more devoted fan-friends are talking about. Not every Indian football fan is a simpleton though. Some are hard core, getting-into-fistfights-with-rival-fans and screaming-at-their-television fans.

Sportal Combat is about two such hardcore football fans - Kartikeya and Pranav and all that they have in common is their love for the sport. For everything else their go-to response is disagreements. Since their very first argument, neither of the two show any signs of slowing down or giving in.

This video featuring verbal gladiators Kartikeya and Pranav is a humorous attempt by Sportal Combat at summarizing every type of football fan one may have come across. From the ones who only want to jump the bandwagon to the absolutely devoted avid followers who do possess knowledge beyond Messi and Ronaldo – this video has it all.

The video is a moment marketing initiative by Sportal Combat, a sports-oriented start-up, established by  Kartikeya and Pranav. It works well for the brand that is trying to bank on the blessing called, Sports!

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