[Infographic] The ideal LinkedIn cheat sheet

linkedin infographic

Standing out in a crowd isn’t only applicable in real life. It applies in every aspect, even on the professional front. And what’s the best way to achieve this career wise – our good old LinkedIn profile.

The detailed infographic contains step-by-step instructions and suggestions on how one can attractively present their profile while adhering to professional parameters without going over the top.

For instance, choosing the perfect headline to describe you and your line of work goes a long way in impressing a prospective employer as it is the first thing they may read when they visit your LinkedIn profile.

Embellishments are unprofessional and one should avoid fancy text or nicknames in this particular column. Simply write your first and last name.

Choosing an apt picture is also essential. Using pictures wearing sunglasses or posing as a model are good for your friends to look at on your Facebook profile not for your potential employers.

Do not forget to mention your contact details. Your phone number and email address are crucial details you cannot overlook. Also, pay close attention to your email address. Be professional

Write about your previous work experience and your future ambitions. Be honest. Be modest. Be confident.

For a much more detailed guide on how to make your LinkedIn profile standout take a look at the infographic.

LinkedIn-Cheat-Sheet LinkedIn-Cheat-sheet2 LinkedIn-Cheat-sheet3 LinkedIn-Cheat-sheet4 LinkedIn-Cheat-sheet5 LinkedIn-Cheat-sheet6

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