Suresh Prabhu creates official social media mechanism to register railway complaints

railway complaints on facebook-twitter

On Wednesday, Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu commenced an integrated social media podium to address the complaints of passengers. The Ministry of Railway of our country is already very active on social media, now even the passengers can make use of Facebook and Twitter officially.

Social media is now utilized to interact with passengers and tackle with their grievances to further strengthen their efforts in being responsive and dedicatedly oriented towards the passengers. The Minister also announced that soon an app will be rolled out particularly for ticketing and redressals.

“The complaints will be forwarded to the Divisional Railways Manager (DRM) concerned. The action taken by the DRM will be posted on the same page. The entire system will be monitored by Railway Board, an official statement said.

The management information system report generated through this platform will be used for the improvement of railway services, it added.

The Railway Ministry has been active on social media addressing even the smallest of grievances through Twitter.

By including Facebook in their CRM package, the Railway Ministry has managed to set an example for Indian administration over all.