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Earlier this year there was a huge outcry in the fashion photography circles when Burberry announced that Brooklyn Beckham (Son of David and Victoria Beckham) will be the official photographer for their latest campaign. While the outrage was based on the fact that Brooklyn Beckham got the deal due to his surname as opposed to his talent, we think that it was a masterstroke on the part of Burberry.

They were definitely leveraging on the Posh (pun unintended) surname but, the fact what every commentator conveniently ignores is that Brooklyn Beckham has 6 million Instagram followers. Imagine the reach!

Social Media is evolving at breakneck speeds. Of all industries, fashion labels obviously have to stay on their toes to make the most out of social media. Needless to say, Facebook still is the tour de force of all social media channels when it comes to fashion. Instagram might catch up, but, that should take a while.

International labels such as Burberry, Victoria's Secret, Louis Vuitton, H&M, and Forever 21 seem to have cracked the code and hit gold in leveraging Facebook. But, how is the situation when it comes to Indian Fashion Brands? Which labels are doing it right on Facebook? Our friends at Mapplinks designed this infographic on the Top 5 Fashion Brands on Facebook from India to give a detailed insight on the Indian fashion industry on social media.

Top Fashion Brands Facebook

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