10 tips to create a solid LinkedIn strategy for your company page

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10 tips to create a solid LinkedIn strategy for your company page
If you’re confused with what to share on LinkedIn or how to manage your company’s LinkedIn page, remember to think of it as a content marketing platform instead of a social media channel, and then plan your posting strategy.

A LinkedIn social media strategy must be always followed by an overall content strategy. At Mapplinks, we’ve seen a number of brands coming to us for LinkedIn marketing without having a content strategy in place first. LinkedIn marketing should be considered “Content Marketing” rather than just “Social media marketing”.

Here are 10 tips to help you create a solid strategy for your LinkedIn page:

1.Post both external and internal content

Make sure there’s a good balance of both, there are certain best practices for this, but experiment, analyse, and continue what works for your brand or your profile. Don’t follow thumb rules blindly and don’t overdo anything.

2. Experiment to find the right posting frequency and ratio of content types

When I say thumb rules, I am referring to rules like the 4:1:1 rule. You can start, experiment and let Analytics decide what works for you instead of sticking to the frequency which is not getting you the best results.

For those of you who don’t know the 4:1:1 rule, here’s what it is:


Image credit: Sales Benchmark Index

As per their blog, the strategy may vary from 4:1:1 if the promo / offer is creative & interesting to 9:1:1 if it isn’t. Does this mean the strategy turns around if the offer if more interesting than the trends and news content itself? Well, the only way to find out is to experiment.

While we’re at it, here’s an example of the kind of frequency you should NOT follow on LinkedIn:


Yes, it’s none other than Apple. One of the classic examples, stated by many marketers, of how not to manage a LinkedIn page.

Now, even though I might be considering of following Apple on LinkedIn, but I will not as I’m not looking for their job openings all over the place.

3. Share posts from the company’s blog

Share blogposts from the company blog, post both generic and brand-specific updates. And when you do, make sure the title, description, and image of the blog are in place.

Here’s an example of how it should be done:


4. Share the work your company has done

Yes, be proud of the work you’ve done and show it off on your LinkedIn company page. Create a portfolio, or case study around it and hit publish!

Here’s Ogilvy showing some of their work for Coca-Cola:1-UCH-ZjBvjJk4fG2yEB6DOw

5. Share links to Case Studies & White Papers

Though slowly on the way to be replaced by blogs and videos, Case Studies and white papers are still powerful tools, especially for brands with a B2B focus.

While case studies generally come in later in the sales cycle, if the brand has created a targeted set of following on LinkedIn, it can always be shared to measure results.

6. Get your featured blogs & PR pipeline on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great platform to put up your features and PR articles from around the web. You are curating the right content for the right audience, and there’s no better place to do this but LinkedIn.

Here’s one example from SignEasy:


7. Feature client testimonials and success stories

It’s your time to feature success stories of your clients and all the nice things they have to say about your brand. LinkedIn is, without a doubt, the right place to make sure other (prospective) clients know you’re good. Not just from you, but from your other clients too!

Here’s an example of 6 & 7 from HackerEarth:

8. Use the combo powers of SlideShare + LinkedIn:

SlideShare, or rather LinkedIn SlideShare is a great tool to boost up your visibility and engagement on LinkedIn content. Slides are easy to view and browse and go hand-in-hand with your LinkedIn page.

The SlideShare updates expand in the same way as videos, covered in the below point.

9. Don’t forget to share videos

For no particular reason, brands miss sharing their videos on their LinkedIn brand pages. YouTube embeds work perfectly well.

Here’s how it looks, via NetFlix:


10. Use sponsored posts

Now that you have content in place, make sure it reaches the right audience, and is not limited to reach only your existing followers.

So, put in some budget to promote the content you want to reach out to people outside of your network or your company page’s followers. Let’s get rolling!

A recent one from Simplilearn:


Go for a mix of different content types from above and keep a track of your LinkedIn Analytics. See what content works for you over time — what kind, what format, what topics. Based on the analysis, make the required changes to your strategy.


Feel free to comment here with your thoughts and share what works best for you on your LinkedIn page.

The article is written by Rishabh Dev and was first published here.

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