Being Indian changes the course of ‘The Indian Entrepreneur’

Being Indian

Popular YouTube channel, Being Indian mostly known for upbeat interviews and laugh gags has taken a different route with their Being Indian Original’s, The Indian _____ series. Their latest video, The Indian Entrepreneur features six entrepreneurs from various walks of life who share their journey of efforts and hardships, inspiring the viewers to go get their dreams.

Joining hands with Haywards 500, fostering the Hausla Buland Academy, Being Indian took the plunge and set a fine example of branded content for their viewers with #NaaSeHaanTak.

With Start-up culture taking over the Indian economy with fire like speed, the brief video addresses and motivates young adults into pitching new ideas and taking a leap of faith.

Neeraj Kakkar, CEO, Hector Beverages talks about how challenging it is to convince people on starting a new business and how a little trust can move mountains.

The video further features Culture Machine’s CEO, Sameer, who shares the conquest that establishing a start-up is. He intricately captures how start-ups can play the role of thorns and roses alike and yet pay off in the form dreams coming true.

Speaking to the best in the business, the video highlights the dos and don’ts of entrepreneurship, going beyond mere glorification of start-ups and entrepreneurs.

The video displays the clarity of thought, perseverance and the importance of hard work in the form of smart storytelling on digital platforms. Social media was seen abuzz with users taking learning from the video.

The Indian Entrepreneur – Journey from #NaaSeHaanTak encapsulates fine storytelling going while Haywards 500’s core proposition – har kadam hausla buland. The video is also a fresh change from Being Indian’s cheeky humor; on the contrary, it strikes a nerve, pushing you to take the final leap.

This isn’t the first time Being Indian released an informative, serious and thoughtful video on their channel. The Indian Muslim, The Indian Dalit, The Indian Army Family are a few examples that share the stories of these groups of people with everyone else and “The Indian Entrepreneur” being the latest.