Best health influencers for your #FitnessGoals


The road to the gym is the road less traveled and so often abandoned. Fitness is not an integral part of most people’s lives but this has been changing; slowly but surely thanks to fitness influencers who inspire people to make changes in their lives.

Instagram is flooded with pictures of fitness models showing off their bulging muscles, stories of how they have turned their life around, and inspirational quotes urging their followers to follow them to the gym.

In India, celebrities such as Salman Khan, John Abraham, Hrithik Roshan, and Bipasha Basu have been fitness crusaders from a long time.

Fitness models Lazar Angelov, Nick Cheadle, Bradley Martyn are few of the people championing the cause. These are some of the people who will make you want to slip into those running shoes and head straight to the gym.

Salman Khan

The original pin-up boy of shirtless pictures in Bollywood was recently chosen as India’s goodwill ambassador for the Rio Olympics in 2016. For his upcoming release Sultan, the actor portrays the role of a traditional Indian pehelwan and sports an envious physique.

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Bipasha Basu 

Bips has been a fitness enthusiast since decades, urging people to take up healthy eating and exercising through her workout videos and endorsing healthy food products. She motivates her followers on Instagram with quotes like these.


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Hrithik Roshan

This man has left no doubts about his commitment to fitness. He flaunts one of the most killer physiques among Bollywood superstars.

John Abraham

John has been featured on a lot of fitness magazine covers including Men’s Health. He has always been promoting fitness and also owns JA Fitness, his own chain of gymnasiums.

Tiger Shroff

He is a martial arts aficionado and his dance moves and flexibility are a testament to the fact.

Yasmin Karachiwala

She is a celebrity fitness trainer and promotes healthy living on Instagram. She also offers tips and diet hacks for fitness enthusiasts.

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Mickey Mehta

Mehta is a celebrity wellness and health guru who is a columnist in a number of magazines. He often undertakes speeches and seminars about health and fitness.

Lazar Angelov

He is one of the more famous celebrity fitness models and online fitness instructors. He has followers from all over the world and regularly posts workout videos, pictures, exercising tips, and inspirational quotes.

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Nick Cheadle

He is the owner of Nick Cheadle Fitness and is a certified personal trainer, nutritionist and fitness model. He has thousands of followers on Instagram and regularly posts pictures and videos trying to motivate people to take up bodybuilding and clean and healthy living.

I found the photo on the left in my camera roll the other day. I remember thinking I looked jacked when it was first taken almost 12 years ago. It was my go-to MSN Messenger photo ? I was 15 at the time & turn 27 later this month. – Making progress as a natural athlete can be painstakingly slow. Building muscle and making genuine physique improvements is going to take a lot of time, a lot of effort & above all consistency. Align your expectations & set yourself up for success – don’t become deterred when you wake & realise you aren’t an overnight success or aren’t yet where you set out to be. Anything in life worth having is likely going to take time. – Lyle McDonald wrote a fantastic article on ‘Genetic Muscular Potential’ – the amount of muscle mass you can likely build within your lifetime as a natural athlete. If you’ve not yet read it, find it on Google & make it a priority so you don’t become overly frustrated at times when motivation is potentially waning & you can’t quite see the progress you may be making. Unlike fat loss, you likely aren’t going to see many differences from day to day when trying to build muscle. – Never lose sight of where you’ve come from. Progress might slow, but that shouldn’t detract from what you’ve achieved. Take pride in your accomplishments, stay patient & consistent with your processes & approach, have faith in where you’ll end up. – ? Follow me on SnapChat ? nickcheadlefit – #TeamNCF #TeamON @optimumnutrition

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Bradley Martyn

Martyn is a fitness model and online fitness instructor based in Los Angeles, USA. He has one of the best physiques on the planet and he likes to have fun with his workouts. Although not recommended for his followers he is the man to follow for quirky workouts.

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