‘DILDEO’ an attempt to target taboos with humour

Social Samosa
Jul 06, 2016 11:27 IST
‘DILDEO’ an attempt to target taboos with humour
For a nation where the erotic and pretty graphic Kama Sutra was compiled, sex comedies are a runaway success and ‘non-veg’ jokes are secretly read and giggled over, sex is still a rather taboo subject for us.

Any discussion involving fornication is met with raised eyebrows and a reminder that it’s against our culture..

‘Jerk Off’ is a web series that humorously tries to capture our skepticism regarding the subject of sex in our country.

Now if you think simply talking about sex is a no-no, try bringing up the subject of sex toys, the raised eyebrows turn into frowns.

Sex toys aren’t easily available in India and owning one could land you in trouble if you get caught. Can you imagine the awkward conversation/explanation?


The first episode of ‘Jerk Off’ is‘ ‘DilDeo’ as the cheeky pun suggests, it deals with sex toys and the absence of knowledge or simply the unavailability of sex toys in India. It involves two friends one of who wants to make dildos available in stores all over the country.

Let's see if the humorous attempt manages to go beyond stereotypes and taboos.

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