Funniest Twitter accounts to follow for your daily dose of LOL!

Be it business, politics or plain satire – Twitter has evolved to become our go-to place. Celebrities, brands, political figures, your friends, colleagues, all and sundry; (almost) everyone is on Twitter.

Celebrities use Twitter to stay in touch and interact with their fans. Brands use it to address their consumers’ grievances, announce, and market their products and services.

Ordinary people such as you and I use Twitter to tweet about current topics or simply have a conversation.

And then there are these guys..

Making good use of the 140 characters to have us in splits with their wise cracks and one liners.

Twitter is full of users that have a joke to poke fun at everything you can think of. From celebrities and politicians to themselves, these are some of the hilarious Twitter accounts we have come across and following them will be the best thing you do to yourselves.


Sachin may have retired but Trendulkar shows no signs of slowing down.

Baba Sehgal 

Living up to his name, ‘Baba’ Sehgal gives us facts in his trademark style through his hilarious Twitter account.

Pakalu Papito 

His tweets are just as hilarious as his name is confusing.



Daily sermons from God.


One of the funniest ‘Dilli walas’ on Twitter right now


The AaadiVaashi

He tweets about everyday problems and his everyday problems are hilarious.


Baba has an opinion about everything and Baba takes no dakshina

Pakchikpak Raja Babu

If he wont make you laugh, nothing will. 


Hardik Rajgor

A lighthearted cynic with a great sense of humour


Ramesh Srivats

Sarcastic and cynical with just the right amount of humor. 


This is how we’re secretly blowing off Monday Blues – you could too.