Intex aces social product launch with #AwakenSenses

Saloni Surti
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Intex aces social product launch with #AwakenSenses
Product launches on social media can be tricky business. Product education, brand engagement, and RoI in the form of product sale – a social product launch has to achieve this threefold objective. With the launch of Intex Cloud String HD, the smartphone brand exhibited to have aced this form of marketing.

Intex was slated to launch Intex Cloud String HD – a smartphone with finger touch sensor to unlock the phone, a stunning camera, studded with technology and a design to make you fall in love with. The brand designed a social media initiative to compliment the sharp features of the smartphone.

#AwakenSenses was conceptualized to familiarize users with the new smartphone, while creating a purchase appetite for Intex Cloud String HD. Intex had an entire content strategy woven around creating buzz for their latest smartphone.

It initiated with a teaser post that took user curiosity levels sky high. Followed by the pre-buzz, Intex initiated a contest churning our riddle after riddle to keep up the buzz. The contest revolved around the features of the smartphone, wherein fans had to solve the riddle and tell which feature is being talked about.

Intex also initiated #CloudStringHD to keep the buzz around the smartphone alive. Through the contest, Intex asked questions about phone demographics creating awareness amongst consumers.

Soon #AwakenSenses was trending on Twitter creating reach and engagement. The campaign garnered a reach of 317036 with 369867 impressions. Intex recorded engagement at 54750 with 52324 likes. The campaign received 784 shares and 1642 comments.

On Facebook too, #AwakenSenses performed well recording 8519 reactions, comments, and shares on their post.

With right targeting and agile content, Intex conveyed the spirit, feel, and utility of the phone through #AwakenSenses.

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