Suicidal Blackbuck to Best Wishes – Salman Khan takes over Twitter again

Salman Khan’s brush with the judiciary is common knowledge, after he was acquitted for the hit and run case, and making headlines for his recent blockbuster, Sultan, ‘Bhai’ is back in the news today.

Another acquittal for Salman Khan, this time for the poaching of the endangered Black Buck. The case dragged for almost 18 years and finally has been shut ending in Salman’s favour.

As expected, the verdict has sent Twitter into a frenzy with ‘Bhai’ trending consistently – tweets voicing support for the actor and celebrating, some expressing disappointment and disbelief at him being let off again. and some just making humor-hay while the trend shines..

Here are a few noteworthy tweets we encountered…

The Good

The Bad

The Ridiculous

You must or mustn’t have been entertained by Sultan, but these tweets will surely give you something to think about, at least a few chuckles.