Will Prisma bring back the comic craze?

Prisma is converting photos into art and Instagram finally has a challenger. However, the sharing still happens on all social accounts at the end of the day, so I would like to think that Prisma is taking up the role of a content facilitator.

Running my travel website with art images that I create in 1 second is probably a whole new doorway to content. Since most of these artworks resemble a comic scene, I wish Prisma had introduced text overlay. This would be a goldmine for copywriters and comics would find their way back from traditional prints to massive social media craze.


But of course, doing this on Photoshop does not take much time either. So, if this were to become a branding mission, agencies could do wonders.

I have always believed that social media is a reflection of the offline world. What is popular in society will naturally be viral online. Perhaps, that’s why humour is always giving other content forms a tough chase; and as far as I can remember, comics have been extremely popular among all age groups. So, if Prisma campaigns started, it would be another memes era in the making.

From the age of Walt Disney (1940) to Tinkle (1980) – the art of storytelling via comics has always been a craze in its peak. During all these times, creating this art was expensive and time-consuming. But, having Prisma on iPhone is like saying goodbye to a whole office and creating comic content on the go. After all we are in 2016. Android app is to be launched later this month.

More than anything else, Prisma is also launching Prisma videos, which means – no animation no more. Make comic videos and brand them, as you like. I intend to create travel videos; and since it is a personal blog I could be my own character.


The app has 33 filters with neutral networks and artificial intelligence to its best use, creating intricate artwork that is of absolute praise. The addiction of an inner artist has led to millions of downloads already.

I draw another analogy from the word ‘Prisma’ who is the supervillian from Marvel Comics; and though this guy died four times before being resurrected, Prisma is here to stay and conquer the hearts of newfound love for art among social millennial.