A sneak peek into the Year Book of Social Media Campaigns

A picture is worth a thousand words, a campaign is worth a thousand thoughts – thoughts when woven together work towards achieving one goal. Sometimes the goal is the poetic marketing of a brand, sometimes, it’s something much bigger than the brand – a cause, a person, a movement.

Indian social media industry came of age with the arrival of legendary campaigns such as #HelpAChildReachFive and #ItAllStarts – the socialverse now believes in raw, bold, and thought provoking creativity.

Collating such revolutionary campaigns under one binding testimonial, Social Samosa in association with Blogmint presents to you the Yearbook of Social Media Campaigns. An ensemble of the best campaigns of 2015 -16 (up till March 31st, 2016).

The Yearbook of Social Media Campaigns presents volumes of creativity exhibited the social media industry in the year that went by. Each campaign narrates the tale of a goal that an agency or a brand had set out to achieve.

Right from BFSI to Automobile, the Yearbook gives a snapshot of campaigns from every industry, campaigns that you can learn and take inspiration from. The book aims at functioning as a reference point for the best social media campaigns.

Yearbook of Social Media Campaigns further will sport expert articles from industry honchos, spotting trends and speaking about the changing dynamics of the industry.

Yearbook of Social Media Campaigns is all set to shed light on the what the industry is capable of and what awaits in the coming days. The Yearbook will be unveiled soon with the hope of capturing the best of industry in the pages.

This is just the beginning; stay tuned in to find out which campaigns get featured in the Yearbook and inspire the entire fraternity.