#AutoStrike seems to have directed the traffic off the road and straight on to social media

Aishwaria Sonavane
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#AutoStrike seems to have directed the traffic off the road and straight on to social media

Taking the three wheelers off Mumbai roads today created a ruckus on the digital media putting this good old city transport under spotlight. If you’re living under the rock in the metropolitan city, let us bring it to your notice that autorickshaw unions in Mumbai are currently practicing a strike to call out their woes against cab services of Uber and Ola.

Earlier, representatives of the Swabhiman Taxi and Rickshaw Sanghatana and Jai Bhagwan Taxi Rickshaw Sanghatana had declared their strike protesting for a ban against app-based aggregators and even called for regulations to be set  up for taxi aggregators which they claim are  consuming their commerce.

Publishers and people have taken to social media to put across their opinions on this infamous #AutoStrike and as those 140 characters and posts suggest, Autowalas won’t be happy to hear them.

Social media serves for every taste, similarly, even in this case the #AutoStrike has branched varied tweets some humorous, witty or downright blunt, mostly quoting against the autorickshaw-walas.

Then there are even some brands leveraging on this strike for their benefit or just gagging over it.

Here's a quick data snippet of how #AutoStrike affected people on Twitter (Source - Zulu Social)


Clearly, people are either unaffected or delighted with this #AutoStrike. This does not sound like good news to them. Well, good move or not by the Union only time will tell.

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