[Case Study] Comic Con India stirs social media with Comic Celebration Week


Comic Con India


Comic Con India in collaboration with Maruti Suzuki Alto announced a Comic Celebration Week on social media.


In order to popularize Indian comic books and their artists and creators through social media and encouraging fans to share original content in the form of fan made art and memes to boost engagement on social media.


Comic Con India focused on the key highlight of their promotional activity on social media by offering Indian origin digital comics for free download on their platform.

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This offer was available for the duration of the Comic Celebration Week across the country. It featured comics from creators such as Tarun Kumar Sahu, Vivek Goel, Abhijeet Kini, and Anirudh Singh.


Quiz contests were held everyday with various exciting themes such as Game of Thrones, Marvel and DC Quiz and a lot more encouraging fans to participate for a chance to win free comics and merchandise everyday.

Comic Con India also provided a platform for fans to showcase their talent on their platform with a chance to have their artwork featured on their next show at Hyderabad.


Another exciting social media trend utilized by Comic Con India to facilitate user engagement was the Meme Making Contest and the winner of the contest would win a tablet.

Apart from social media promotions, Comic Con India also conducted regular interactions on the ground in numerous colleges across Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune and Kolkata keeping their target audience of youth in mind.


The Comic Celebration Week was a success as it generated more than 5.4 million digital impressions and their digital reach exceeded 2.3 million.

The free digital comic downloads racked up more than 100,000 downloads. Daily trivia contests had 34k+ entries and the fan art contest received 4k+ entries.

Votes received for the favourite artwork contest received 45k votes and the Meme Making contest received 6k+ entries. The contest and interactive promotional activities were successful as the response was overwhelming.