[Campaign Review] #ChewTheCola a social aly to Center Fresh’s TVC

center fresh

Centre Fresh, a chewing gum variant from Italian confectionary manufacturer, Perfetti Van Melle is one of the largest selling gum brands in India. Not just the product, but also their creative and humour laden advertisements on television are hugely popular.

Predominantly preferring TVCs, Perfetti decided to announce and promote the launch of the new flavor for their flagship chewing gum brand in India, on social media.

Center Fresh conducted extensive research and decided to announce the launch of the new flavour keeping true to Center Fresh’s running theme, humour.


The brand produced a new TVC in collaboration with Ogilvy and Mather to advertise the new flavor, humorously promoting the chewing gum as an alternative to traditional cola drinks. The TVC aired on national television on July 8, 2016. It depicts a typical railway vendor in a train who hands out Center Fresh Cool Cola when passengers ask him for cola.

Parallely on their official Twitter handle and Facebook page, Center Fresh announced a contest for users asking them to create rhymes with their tagline, Chew The Cola and offered prizes to the best entries.

Their social media strategy and execution was handled by PHD India and Glitch Advertising Pvt. Limited. 

Center Fresh promoted their newly launched variant by using creative illustrations, GIFs and videos on Facebook and Twitter.

Response and CRM

The hashtag #ChewTheCola was trending on Twitter and received an overwhelming response from social media users.

Twitter was abuzz with entries for the contest with users creating rhymes that ended with their catchphrase hashtag, #ChewTheCola. Center Fresh did well on Twitter by responding to tweets with quirky replies, engaging in cheerful conversations with followers and retweeting their entries for the contest.

In the past

Over the years, Center Fresh have associated themselves with humour and their advertisements always achieve positive responses from consumers. They have successfully used the humour element to their advantage with campaigns such as ‘Chali Hawa Mastaani’ which was launched in the year 2015.

Collaborating with popular comedian and television personality, Cyrus Broacha, Center Fresh created a number of videos and were very well received by consumers.

Another particularly successful campaign was ‘Zubaan Pe Rakhe Lagaam’ and can probably be attributed as the most successful and popular campaigns from Center Fresh.

Involving a number of scenarios from beauty pageants to a son showing his report card to his father, it was a huge success.

What worked well?

The brand did well by sticking to what has worked for them in the past and used creative illustrations and videos to engage user interest. Projecting the gum as an alternative to cola was an amusing concept and reinforced the humour element.

The contest helped Center Fresh reach out to their audience on social media and they achieved a lot of engagement in the form of comments and likes on Facebook and mentions and tweets on Twitter. It acted as an extension to their Television campaign and created a recall with seamless platform integration.

It managed to get users to respond directly to the brand and made easier to gauge consumers’ interest. Centre Fresh used active CRM to their advantage by responding to contest entries with humour and keeping their mojo alive.

Room for improvement

Along with a lot of positives, there were also a few negatives with #ChewTheCola. The brand failed to capitalize on the social media tools at their disposal. What could have been a phenomenal campaign turned out to be just another trending hashtag on Twitter and Facebook.

The campaign faded out soon and did not leave a mark on the minds of users on social media as the posts were made in quick succession and not over a period of time which would have sustained popularity and engagement over a few weeks.


Center Fresh succeeded at getting the word out about their newest variant and user anticipation for the product was high. Overall the campaign was not executed to the fullest but Center Fresh is a well established brand in the Indian market and their shortcomings this did not matter much.