Friendship Day campaigns that hit the sweet spot in 2016

“Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything,” – Muhammad Ali

When someone says ‘The best things in life are free’, friends are one of those things they are talking about. Much like the bond we share with our friends, we also share one with brands we use and they have the same with us.

This Friendship’s Day, brands across social media extended a friendly hand to their consumers, offering discounts, offers, free prizes, reminding us of the crazy times we’ve had or simply putting out a social message about friendship. It is their way of professing the love for consumers just as we do with our friends.

These are the brands who successfully leveraged Friendship’s Day and managed to make a connection with their followers on social media.

Cadbury Dairy Milk

The chocolate brand announced the launch of 4 new flavours to commemorate the occasion of Friendship Day.

They also announced a contest on social media, urging followers to click a ‘Madfie’ with their friends for a chance to be featured as Cadbury Celebrities.

cadbury madfie snip 2


The Ahmedabad based ice-cream brand announced a contest through their Facebook page asking fans to post ‘face swap’ videos and share their entries with their friends for a chance to win vouchers from Flipkart.



One of India’s largest online marketplaces, shared an album of creative and humorous images about the different types of friends we all have.



An amusment park from South India announced a contest and offered their followers a chance to win prizes by sharing videos of playing pranks on their friends. An engaging activity which generated a whopping response.

Peora Jewels

A Mumbai based jewelry store offered prizes through their Facebook page in the form of a contest asking them to share a crazy memory with their best friend.


UNICEF works all over the world promoting the health and well being of children and this Friendship Day, the organisation shared the story of a young girl and her friend who stood by her during a difficult time in her life.


An accessories brand from V.I.P. Industries also announced a contest for a chance to win prizes and discounts, through their Facebook page encouraging users to participate.

They also created a video celebrating Friendship Day and undying friendship.

Red FM 

One of India’s most popular radio stations gave a quirky spin to Friendship Day and decided to prank people and got their followers involved by asking them for a ‘Dare’.

Colors Infinity 

The channel organized a contest urging fans to share their ‘Frienfies’ for a chance to win exciting gift hampers.

Dominos Pizza India

Dominos created a video and shared it on their Facebook page celebrating Friendship Day with their followers.

National Geographic Kids 

The channel shared a collection of adorable pictures of animals of different species becoming unlikely friends.

Pepsi and Burger King

Twitter chats are becoming increasingly popular these days and why not? It’s fun to watch our favorite brands indulge in conversation with each other. Pepsi and Burger King too decided to exchange some friendly banter on Twitter keeping true to the spirit of Friendship Day.

Pepsi bk

Hyundai India 

Hyundai India shared an adorable GIF on their official Facebook and Twitter handles showcasing friends and the beautiful memories they create and share forever.

HDFC Bank 

The bank stepped away from the banking image and indulged in Twitter chats with a number of brands with clever replies to each other and it was indeed delightful to watch.

Jet Airways Response

Along with Jet Airways, HDFC Bank also had a friendly chat with Flipkart, the E-commerce website.

Flipkart Response

Club Mahindra 

One of India’s leading leisure and hospitality companies, Club Mahindra, announced a contest this Friendship Day asking followers to submit selfies with their friends and share their stories followed by #StrangersToFriends to win a stay at a Club Mahindra Resort with a friend.


The online payment company urged their followers to share an image expressing what they owe to their friends with #IOweYou, and to set the the ball rolling, they shared cheeky creative illustrations of iconic characters who owe each other something.

PayPal friendships day 1

These were some of the campaigns that caught our eye. Write to us at for campaigns that you think should be featured in this list.