How HomeShop18 is leveraging Live Streaming options on social media

We all understand that in order to stay digitally relevant, brands need to stay connected with their fans and followers on social media. This can be achieved only when they keep themselves abreast with the latest content creation, dissemination and marketing options available on different social media platforms.

Live streaming is one such feature, which has taken social media by storm in recent months. Social users prefer video content and hence brands are leaving no stone unturned to offer engaging videos. Also, increasing data penetration is making it easier for users to consume video content on their smartphones.

HomeShop18, a brand synonymous with TV Shopping, is leveraging social platforms with live streaming options provided by Facebook and YouTube. Executed by its digital partner Grapes Digital, HS18 has become India’s first shopping channel to stream live on both YouTube and Facebook.  The brand enjoys a huge following on Facebook and uses the platform regularly for live streaming their key shows and new launches, Live Anchor videos etc.


HS18 is smartly using the Facebook’s Live feature to promote its shows, which has helped it connect with its huge fan base on the social media channel. However, keeping in mind the preference for quick and snappy content by Facebook users, HS18 live-streams only the most popular segments, which always receive a huge response.


By smartly combining  smartphone streaming with direct Facebook streaming, HS18 is pushing the boundaries of this radical new technology. While impromptu and unscripted interactions with their anchors are live streamed using smartphones, the actual show is streamed directly; thereby giving a much higher output and quality, which is almost as good as what one gets to see on TV.

The fact that Facebook Live Streaming has been appreciated by the fans of HS18, can be seen in the huge number of likes, shares, and comments these streaming videos receive, which are much higher than other posts. A Facebook Live streaming Video averagely gets 20X more reach and 3X more views w.r.t other videos posted. Additionally, Grapes Digital has cashed in on every trending form of creative expression on the Internet and created highly innovative content for HS18 using Dubsmash, Bobble, 360-degreevideos and several more to help the brand engage with fans, followers, and consumers at every possible level.

This power-packed digital innovation proves that in order to increase engagement on social media, brands need to keep extending their creative and technical horizons. Only then can they truly reap the huge profits that organic traffic is able to generate.